CPU list expanded by default?

  • Darkhand

    Darkhand - 2011-10-25


    First off, love the software, finding it quite useful!  Thanks for your work!

    Have a quick question, I've noticed that under 'Hardware Information', the processor list is always expanded by default, even in the demo screenshots on the project page.  I have a VPS with 8 cores and am wondering if there's a way to have this list retracted by default to save space? I've taken a quick look through the XML and can't seem to find where this property is being set from.

    Conversely, I'd like the 'Physical Memory' listing, normally retracted by default, to be expanded by default, so if you could point me in the direction to change that property as well I'd be quite appreciative!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Erkan

    Erkan - 2011-12-04


    You just need to add or remove the Css class "collapsed" in the js/phpSysInfo/phpsysinfo.js file.

    Or try to edit this JavaScript part:

    collapse: closed,


  • Alan J. Matson

    Alan J. Matson - 2012-08-26

    Is there a way to revert the hardware information section to like how it was in 3.0-RC8 with the processor info not in the collapsible list? It was more cleaner and better for first glance when pulling up the page. :) Kudos on the excellent work.

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    If enough that the list was expanded by default, change the line in phpsysinfo.js:
    collapsed.push (cpucoreposition);
    //collapsed.push (cpucoreposition);

  • Mieczysław Nalewaj

    Added option SHOW_CPUINFO_EXPANDED in version 3.1.13 (currently in development)