define('PSI_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE', 'aqua');

  • Lewis Butler

    Lewis Butler - 2010-02-21

    Despite defining the above default, every time I load up the phpsysinfo page it shows in an unstyled display, and I have to select 'aqua' from the list of templates manually. It is not showing up  with some other template, it is just displaying with no template at all.

  • Erkan

    Erkan - 2010-02-21


    - What is the version of PhpSysinfo and Firefox ?
    - Did you try with the latest version 3.0.4 ?
    - Did you try to delete cookies ?


  • Lewis Butler

    Lewis Butler - 2010-02-21

    phpSysInfo 3.04 and using Google Chrome.

  • Erkan

    Erkan - 2010-02-22

    Ok I will test with Google Chrome ASAP.

    Thansk for the report.

  • Bobby Jack

    Bobby Jack - 2010-04-20

    I see the exact same problem. This is with a completely clean install (3.0.4) with no configuration, other than renaming the config file, of course.

    The cause was some javascript switching the main stylesheet from phpsysinfo.css. Difficult to spot, since viewing source shows the correct stylesheet, but Firebug showed 'classic.css'. I tracked this down to the call to switchStyle() on line 1112 of phpsysinfo.js. In turn, this shows that phpsysinfo was reading the cookie from my previous installation (2.5.4). Removing that cookie fixed the problem.

    Going a bit deeper, there seemed to be a clash between two cookies named 'template', with different paths (one root, and one down to the phpsysinfo directory level, IIRC). It's tricky to debug any further since I've removed the cookies, but you might be able to reproduce.

    Hope that helps to fix your problem, covisp.


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