Segaja - 2008-05-23

hi there...

i'm testing phpSysInfo - 3.0-rc4 and i find it very usefull. i only have one configuration problem left.

i don't want to see the mounted filesystem at the end.

if i switch the flag in the config.php to "false" it is simply ignored and i still the the mounted filesystems.
my second idea was to simply put all mounted filesystems in the list to ignore, but sis is ignored aswell.

a test that the config.php is read was positiv (i changed the style and it really changed on the output)

i did look in the code, and he checks correctly the flag 'showMountPoint'.

so i don't have any ideas and hope somebody here can help me.

the only idea i can think of is that the xml file is cached and only written in some intervall and not when i load the view. is that so?

i hope somebody can help me.