I set up a testserver with php 5.3 and indeed it doesn't work, even the login fails.
I'll try to fix this, but if it's to much work I'm not going to do this.
Php 5.3 contains sqlite3 by default, and phpsqliteadmin is made for sqlite2, and I think sqlite3 simply won't work with phpsqliteadmin.

My plan is to try to "complete" a version for php 5.2 + sqlite2, and maybe add php 5.3 + sqlite2 support, and than stop and maybe start a new one for sqlite3 (witch will work with php5.3).


2010/1/10 Ward De Ridder <ward.ubuntu@gmail.com>
That's not my work, but I'll try to do something about it. Now I've got to study to much, but I'll do it later this month.
Feel free to make a patch yourself!
I also attached file with the new development version, it isn't official released because I still have to write the changelogs and comple te list of known bugs. Your bug will be one of them, if I am able to install php5.3 on my debian test-VPS and see what exactly is going on.
Some changes are made to row(add, update and delete).


2010/1/10 Samuel ROZE <samuel.roze@gmail.com>
I'll look at that alpha2, but the alpha1 is not working on PHP 5.3
because you're using:

$object =& new Object();

..and it is deprecated in PHP 5.3, so headers cannot be set and your app
doesn't work.

Samuel ROZE.

Le dimanche 10 janvier 2010 à 17:41 +0100, Ward De Ridder a écrit :
> I'll take a look at it!
> I'd recommend you to download the svn version as I made several
> improvements, I'll release alpha2 soon!
> Ward
> 2010/1/10 Samuel ROZE <samuel.roze@gmail.com>
>         Hello,
>         Packages of PHPSQLiteAdmin 0.3 alpha1 contains .svn
>         directories. It is
>         normal ?
>         Regards,
>         Samuel.
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