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error on web page

  • soapcart

    soapcart - 2005-03-05

    while trying out the sample code on multiple types ( i noticed a mistake in the source.

    wondering why the code is not running on the 'object'-part, i figured out that either

    lines 13+14 of 'multi-client.php'
    should be changed from '->object->' to '->obj->')

    or line 12 of 'multi-server.hp'
    should be changed from '->obj = $obj' to '->object = $obj'

    just thought you should know and fix.

    greetings + good luck from soapcart

    • soapcart

      soapcart - 2005-03-05

      i wanted to say
      " should be changed from '->object->' to '->obj->' "
      but i guess you know what i ment.


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