disconneced after 2minutes

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    sry for my bad englisch ^^ I'm from germany°

    I have a Problem with my SmartIRC bot. The bot is disconnected after 2 minutes! Here is my Code:

        $irc = &new Net_SmartIRC( );

        $irc->setUseSockets( TRUE );
        $irc->setAutoReconnect (TRUE); 

        $irc->connect( $host, $port );
        $irc->login( $nick, $discr, 0, $nick );
        $irc->join( array( $chan." ".$pass ) );
        $irc->reconnect( );

    help pls!

    • Mirco Bauer

      Mirco Bauer - 2007-07-22

      try a higher ReceiveTimeout like 600

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thx for answering, but the problem are still in the script! I don't know what i can do! Help again pls1

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      can nobody help me?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      use a cronjob

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      If you have access to the cgi timeout setting on the web host, I would suggest you check that.
      I had to increase mine to stop the host destroying the process when the timeout setting was reached.
      I now use 2592000 which equals a month. Possibly overkill, but I haven't had a problem since.


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