how can the bot survive being killed?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    is there any way of handling being killed? i can restart the script after disconnecting, but there will be also need for changinga nickname... how can i handle this?

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-29

    What I did was, I registered a !quit function in my bot code, and created a class called keepAlive

    class keepAlive{
    public $isAlive = true;

    $ka = new keepAlive();

    $bot = new myIrcBot($ka);

          //SMART IRC BOT CODE GOES HERE. Make sure to put it all here, except for the defines and the includes. So:

          $irc = new Net_SmartIRC();

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-29

    Forgot to add that in my irc bot class I have:
    public function __construct($keepAlive){
          $this->ka = $keepAlive;
    public function quit(&$irc, &$data){
        if($data->messageex == 'mypassword'){
             $this->ka->isAlive = false;
             $irc->quit('OMG MY BOT DIED!');


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