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    I have problem. I need to get know user auth name. When i do $irc->whois($nick); it dont return anything. What i should too?

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      hmm quite difficult to explain:
      first go in defines.php and add
      'RPL_WHOISQAUTH' =>           '330', 
      if 330 isnt still in there.
      in smartirc.php search for something like this
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISUSER:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISSERVER:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISOPERATOR:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISIDLE:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISQAUTH:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_ENDOFWHOIS:
                      case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISCHANNELS:
                      case SMARTIRC_ERR_NOSUCHNICK:
                          return SMARTIRC_TYPE_WHOIS;
      important the case SMARTIRC_RPL_WHOISQAUTH:
      the IRC answer looks that way:
      Nick Qauthname :is authed as
      get the nick over rawline or something :)
      hope i could help you with this

      mfg Sudd3n


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