#16 LOW and HIGH priority

MAIN (11)

If exist only LOW priority messages, the HIGH priority
messages is never execute, because the variable is not
empty in LOW messages.


  • Mirco Bauer

    Mirco Bauer - 2004-09-23
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    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> meebey
  • Mirco Bauer

    Mirco Bauer - 2004-09-23

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    you are right, the priority scheduling is less than perfect.
    Also when there are only messages in HIGH and nothing else,
    it will only sent 2 HIGH and then stop till one MEDIUM is
    sent and if only LOW is sent then HIGH is still waiting till
    one time MEDIUM is sent... I have to rework this part...
    thanks for your bugreport.

  • Tiago Fischer

    Tiago Fischer - 2004-10-18

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    More on problem and a little idea:
    If you send 10 lines to one user or a channel and 10 lines to
    another user, only after finished the 10 lines sends to first
    user, the second begin to receive.
    The solution is create a buffer for each users or channel...
    something like that...

    sorry for my poor english.

  • Alexander Schuch

    Logged In: YES

    I wrote a patch to fix this problem, see the patch tracker:
    [ 1247791 ] message priority scheduling

    The patch is a diff against the 1.0.0 release on PEAR.


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