#38 Partial "Math 300" Theme


Robin Bowes asked for these templates, so I figured I'd
put them here.

There's really only a few templates you have to change
to really affect the look of your site. Really only
slashHead.tpl, slashFoot.tpl, index.tpl (and that only
to decide the column widths), titlebar.tpl, and
fancybox.tpl. Most of the rest of the templates are
for formatting forms and other html that isn't styled.

There's a background image in the submitted patch, too.

The theme is not too sexy, because this site was for a
math course. In fact, I wanted it to look like the web
sites that all the administrative offices at the
university have.
Kludge alert: I put the NavBar on the lefthand column
by making the header template an unbalanced table.
The footer closes it up. This means if you have an
error in your PHP which causes the page to close
prematurely, you may see nothing at all in the browswer
(especially if it's Netscape) because it won't know how
to lay it out.

That's it. Have fun.


  • Matthew Leingang

    templates and background image

  • Matthew Leingang

    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • summary: Partial "Math 300" Theme --> Partial "Math 300" Theme

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