Hello Tom,

Nope, you are not stupid. I want to do exactly the same thing. And we need young blood in phpslash to push us to add new features to the system. I don't think (or am not sure) that what you say can be done by simply adding a "plugin". It might require code and (definitely) db changes.

Join us on #phpslash @ irc.freenode.net. We are always there.

On 12/19/05, Tom Cat <stry_cat@yahoo.com> wrote:
Ok I feel like a complete idiot for having to ask

I want to implement the slasdot moderation system.  I
figured since PHPslash is a clone of slashcode, it
would be easy.  Comments seem to work fine.  However I
don't see a way to allow users to get Mod points and
then moderate the comments.

Am I just being stupid?  If I am can someone enlighten


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