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> I can't give you too many specifics about how we incorporated our code
> into phpSlash's blocks (as I didn't do that myself), but I've done a
> fair amount of work on adding new classes, ultimately creating a CMS
> which is based on phpSlash code (but doesn't follow the slash format -
> rather uses the traditional hierarchical model).  We wanted the code to
> be multi-lingual too (and a few other things)..

What do you mean by "traditional hierarchical model"?

Which brings me to my first question:

We have categories for products which are used to create the general
navigation of the site.  This is roughly equivalent to the sections in
phpslash, except that they are heirarchical.  I need to be able to indicate
a block as going on any category, by specified categories, or by excluding
specific categories.  I've changed the SQL to grab from my category table
instead of the section table in phpslash.

If I were to go all out and integrate with the whole phpslash, I'm not sure
how I'd reconsile this modification...

> > I don't know the scope of your project but maybe a tighter integration
> > your shopping cart package could be a Back-End or phpSlash module.
> I do think that there would be some interest in this within the Back-End
> community to this type of shopping cart idea..

I think this would be great.  I have one site in which I had done some
experimentation with embeding this shopping cart into a phpslash page and
getting the logins to sync (other than that, though, the shop was basicaly a
"black box").

The idea was to make the cart be *optionaly* a module of phpslash (or
anything else really).  I'd like to function stand alone, but also function
as a module for those who want the CMS stuff too.  This gets more
complicated because I DO want the blocks stuff built in but of course as a
module this no longer makes sense.

> There's been quite a bit of discussion lately about how to integrate
> different coding initiatives around phpSlash..
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