two questions:
1.  I am working on a shopping cart package, and would like to have a blocks system pretty much like what phpslash has.  In fact I think it can be exactly the same.  In fact I'd like to basicaly just lift the code from phpslash and incorporate it.  At some point I may even try a complete integration because we'd like to have basic content management.  Not sure how to go about this.  But the question is, do you mind?  Of course credit will be given.
2.  The block code itself.  Looking at block.class and block_i.class, it seems like the doBlock() and parseBlock() functions basicaly do the same thing.  For my purposes it looks like I dont need doBlock.  In fact I could simplify matters and just merge the two classes.  Are they separate classes just for the purpose of logicaly separating the block logic from the block display?  Why is there a getFancyBox function instead of this being a method of the block class?  Historical reasons?
OK I know that's more than two questions... :)