#9 Need Block_render_skel.class


It's be nice to thave a Block_render_skel.class to
extend for block renderers, this way changes like
migrating to $psl and common mistakes in code needed
throughout would be taken care of with one update.


  • Peter Cruickshank

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    It would be cool if the block API included methods to:
    - return a description of the purpose of the block
    - return an array of valid block_options (name, description,
    possible values)

    It would be really cool if the blockAdmin screen used this
    information (might take a bit of javascript or dynamic
    refreshes when the block type is changed)


  • nathan hruby

    nathan hruby - 2002-04-23

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    Yep.. there are things that would be put in the skel class.

  • Will Dyson

    Will Dyson - 2002-06-07

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    I have created a basic Block_render_i base class, and made
    all the individual renderers extend it. The base class has
    methods for getting a description string, and an array of
    valid options. I gave all the renderers brief description
    strings, but have not done the options (exept for the ones
    valid for all renderers, which are in the base class).

    I have taken a look at making the blockAdmin class display
    the description, but nothing definite so far.

    I have posted 2 patches, 565744 and 565749 to the patches

  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2002-09-04
    • status: open --> closed
  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2002-09-04

    Logged In: YES

    This feature has been added to the CVS. Please update your
    copy of PHPSlash, or wait for the next release.


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