#25 Ability to mark things Read Only

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phpslash should be able to mark Sections, Topics and
Stories as "Read Only" to allow for management of
infomarion in a CMS like way.

Attributes should be weighted with Section having the
most weight, Topics next, then stories, Thus allowing
authors to add stories to sections without having to
worry about setting a flag for every story.

Stories cross-posted to RO and RW sections and Topics
present a problem which can be solved in two ways.
- a Story that can be RO stays RO, regardless of any of
the other sections/topics posted in.
(Makes it easy for us and the admin)

- Stories can be presented with comments enabled only
when viewing that particular secion/topic page.
(Allows for behind the scenes commenting / notes on
story data by the editorial staff through the presence
of a topic/secion only article.php3 script that is

One could take this option further and create and RO
attribute and a "Hidden Comment" attribute (henceforth
called "HC") which allows commenting on items by people
with a certian permission level or access through a
story specfic password. Again, this would be somehting
that would facilitate editor communication and is not
primarly though of as an end user feature.


  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2004-04-20

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    much of this functionality is currently available.

  • Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart - 2004-10-23
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    • milestone: --> m9

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