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You can hack in you own graphic navbar into PHPSlash by
editing twofiles:
NavBar.Class and navbar.tpl

In navbar.tpl, replace:
 <a href="{LINK_NAVBAR}"><font face="arial,helvetica"
color="#ffffff" size=2><b>{LINK_NAVBAR_TEXT}

<a href="{LINK_NAVBAR}"><font face="arial,helvetica"
color="#ffffff" size=1><b><IMG SRC="{LINK_NAVBAR_TEXT}"

Then, in NabBar.class, go through the various entries that
say things like:

$this->parse("About" , "$rootdir/about.php3");

The first half is the text that normally appears, and the
second half is where it links to. Instead of the normal
text, place the image URL instead:

unsel.jpg" , "$rootdir/about.php3");

You'll have to replace all the instances of the various
text links that appear - the do appear in multiple places
in NavBar.Class

Hope that helps for people willing to do a little hacking!

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
http://www.midnightryder.com (A PHPSlash site, of course ;-)