#47 xml_parser_create() in Block_render_rss.class

blocks (19)

Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function xml_parser_create() in Block_render_rss.class on line 26

Using phplib7c and php3.0.15 with Apache.

This appears on the homepage.


  • nathan hruby

    nathan hruby - 2000-10-25

    Make sure you have compiled php --with-xml

    I'll tell you now that there are some php3 comatibilty issues with phpslash, notably in the rdf blocks, please keep us posted

    If you don't plan on using rdf blocks, just delete the offending ones from blockAdmin page (accessible through the main admin page) or simply get a php3 comaptible rdf parser and access through a URL type block.

  • nathan hruby

    nathan hruby - 2000-10-25
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nhruby
    • labels: 103603 --> blocks
  • nathan hruby

    nathan hruby - 2000-12-02
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • nathan hruby

    nathan hruby - 2000-12-02

    I'm gonna close this bug.

    0.6 won't support native RDF/RSS blocks in php3, the solution is to use an extrernal parser with a URL type block


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