Public Option?

  • Joshua

    Joshua - 2014-06-26

    Does anyone know if there is a way to make the phpservermonitor main webpage where you see the servers and when they were last online available publicly?

    We have a wall mounted monitoring station and it would be nice to point the screens to a single url and not have to worry about logging in each time.

    I dont know if this can be done by a simple code change in the PHP or submitting login details via url such as ?&login=user_name=public&user_password=public

    I've tried everything I can think of and so far no luck :(

  • Joshua

    Joshua - 2014-07-03


  • Pep

    Pep - 2014-07-11

    Hi Joshua,

    A public option is on the todo list, but is not yet available. Have you tried using the "remember me" feature on the login screen to login to the monitor once, and set the automatic page refresh under config to refresh the server page? The remember me checkbox should keep you logged in when the monitor turns back on.



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