Joseph Olstad - 2013-08-16

Hi All, I forked this project

, we could merge it in here if someone wants. Basically added file checking (for example database backups or other service backups) , the idea is to do the same thing with the service checks except for with backup files , for example, backups should be done daily in most cases, and you now have the possibility with 2.1.0 to check for file backup status, the backup is checked and if the file size has not changed since last check it will be flagged as offline. Still fine-tuning the logic for that, but the interface is in place, and it's in a functional state. Now you can check the status of your backups for all your services in one place or have e-mails and sms for status for backups using the web interface. Of course it's not as straight forward to set up as a service ping because you have to give a path to the file that is readable by the server (samba and nfs can help here for remote files)