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phpSecureSite moved to new server

I've moved the phpSecureSite project to one of my own servers, and put up a web-site for it as well. You can find it at this URL:

All services previously hosted at SourceForge have been moved to the new system. This includes the ftp-server, cvs repository and mailing lists.

The reason for the move from SourceForge is that I wanted complete freedom over which services to provice, and how to configure them. I've always found the SourceForge system to be a bit hard to work with.

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-12-19

phpSecureSite 0.0.3 released

This release doesn't have many major changes to the system,
instead the focus has been on extending the features already
present in the system. Here is a list of some of the changes :

- Improved the phpss_auth() and phpss_login() interfaces
(returns various error codes)

- Added a logging subsystem

- Implemented a handful of events for logging and in preparation
for the upcoming module subsystem... read more

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-09-06

phpSecureSite now in CVS

phpSecureSite is now available through SourceForge CVS. This allows
several developers to easily collaborate on the project, and users can
download bleeding-edge development snapshots.

The CVS repository has been split up into four separate projects. These
are :

database : SQL database structures
demo : Demo site
docs : Documentation
phpss : The phpSecureSite system

For more info on CVS in general you should take a look at the book "Open
Source Development with CVS" by Karl Fogel. It is available online at

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-06-16

phpSecureSite v0.0.2 released

There has been a long delay since the first version of phpSecureSite was
released on January 12 2002. The reason for this is that after two months
of hard work the complete source tree for what was to be version 0.1 was
accidentally deleted, and the backups were very old. After this I got
very demotivated, and didn't take up development again until almost half
a year after the initial release.

Instead of adding a whole lot of features to the system, as I did while
working on the would-be version 0.1, I have decided to release more often,
and add only a few features for each release. This version is therefore
not very much different from v0.0.1, but it has a much better base for
further development.... read more

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-06-16

New version postponed

I have managed to delete the whole phpSecureSite development tree, and the latest backup is a month old. This means that the new release will be postponed a month or two while I reimplement the lost code. 0.1 may be out around May 1. 2002.


Here's a list of some new features for you to drool over until the new version is out ;

- Fully modularized system, based on events and handlers. This allows third-party developers to write their own plug-in modules... read more

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-03-17

Mailing list for users

A new mailing-list for user-discussion and feedback have been set up, To subscribe, go to

Posted by Erik Grinaker 2002-01-19