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  1. Email Reminders (Nick Korbel)


Message: 1
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 17:32:23 -0600
From: "Nick Korbel" < >
Subject: [Phpscheduleit-develop] Email Reminders

Hey everyone,
I picked up email reminders last night.  Here is what I am thinking
for the design:


login table will need to store default language

there will need to be a way to administer reminders (toggle on/off,
set allowed reminder values)

there will need to be a way for the user to set a reminder from the
reservation page

a list of reminders to be sent will be stored in a new table with the
time to send them (calculated by PHP before the record is inserted)
and a link to the reservation record

a new php script will be written to get all reminders up until right
now, which will need to be run from the command line at a scheduled
interval (cron for unix, scheduled task for windows).  the reminder
will load the reservation and create an email in the users language.=20
after a reminder is sent, the record is deleted from the reminders


Can anyone think of anything i am missing?  Can anyone think of an
easier way to do this that won't require someone going in and setting
up a scheduled job?  I am planning on working out a good chunk of the
send reminder code this weekend.  If someone else wants to pick up the
UI/admin stuff that would be great.  Just let me know so we can

Have a great weekend!



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