#142 Accessory Multiples

Nick Korbel

I have booked a resource for an event, and want to add
a specific number of the same type of Accessory to that
event. Currently, I can't do that except by entering
each Accessory separately, a kludge if you have 30 of
the same item. A worse kludge if you have 100.

Example: I book a room to teach an exercise class, and
want to include 15 yoga mats. If I only have 30 yoga
mats available in total, then if I want to schedule a
second room at the same time for another instructor,
there would only be 15 mats left available. Under the
current system - I'd have no way of knowing this via
the accessories, unless each mat was registered as a
separate accessory.

Is there a way of making the Accessories
"inventorizable" in the sense that one could book a
discrete number of the same accessory to an event, thus
enabling a way of further helping avoid scheduling


  • WxMan_II

    WxMan_II - 2011-03-30

    Would love to see this enhancement. Have 24 laptop computers that we share among three conference rooms. Our dream software package would allow us to reserve one, any, or all of the rooms and allow each room to reserve up to 24 of those computers, with the reserved computers being subtracted from the pool of 24. Sadly, phpScheduleIt does not meet this functionality, and at the moment that is the only hindrance to our adopting it for use at our location.

  • Nick Korbel

    Nick Korbel - 2014-04-21
    • Status: open --> closed

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