#104 group admin shouldn't be able to approve reservation


This is for ver 1.2.11. You don't have it in category yet.
I am trying your great software. I think group admin shouldn't have the privilege to approve reservation request. I think you should re-define the group. If you accept contribution, I will try to improve it. My idea is complicated. First, you need add more site admin. One admin is not enough. I need add my program manager and product manager to the admin list so that they can add resources and approve request. Second, the resource should be allocated to group and individual (only if not in any group). In case of group, the group admin can further allocate it to group members and only approve the request in the group's resource pool.


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    Anonymous - 2009-11-17

    I admit I didn't dig deep enough. The first request on admin is withdraw-ed. I found a way to toggle a user to admin. I am still working on the 2nd (group management) now.

  • Nick Korbel

    Nick Korbel - 2014-04-21
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