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Version 3.1 released!

This is a bugfix release, so upgrades are recommended. If you want to keep your old settings, make sure you don't overwrite settings.ini with the new version. The new settings.ini does however contain a few more searches than previously.

Posted by Michael 2008-10-06

Version 3.0 released!

The rewrite is done and dusted. You can now download it!

Posted by Michael 2008-08-26

Version 3.0

OK It's been a while and 2.2 never happened, but the good news is 3.0 is coming out soon! It uses the official APIs so should work reliably, and it's a complete rewrite so the messy code before will be FAR easier to maintain.

There will probably be some other bugs in there, but hopefully they'll be sorted out pretty quickly!

It should be at a release stage by the end of this week.

Posted by Michael 2008-08-25

Version 2.2 in the works

You may have noticed the program no longer seems to work. It may not have done for a while, and I've changed this once or twice by tinkering with things, but the long and short of it is it's not a program that works in it's current configuration. If it's going to work properly, it's going to need adapting seriously.

This is why for the next version, though it's unlikely to contain any new features, I'm moving from Yahoo to Google. Google contains a nice simple page at that should be a lot easier to extract the results from. It is however a rather big chunk of code that needs replacing and I haven't got a lot of time free to write it in and test it in. That and testing takes quite a while, because cycling through all those results takes quite a while! If all goes well it should be out within the next month or so.... read more

Posted by Michael 2008-01-20

Version 2.1 released!

This means the program now works again. There is no manual, since no additional features have been provided. Please see the 2.0 manual for documentation.

Posted by Michael 2007-07-13


Released a non working version 2.0, it's now been updated! Sorry about that.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-24

Version 2.0 released!

The first major update since 1.0 has been released, with lots of new features available and a couple of bug fixes. Please see the change log for details. The name has also been changed to Black Guard, since the program is now fully customizable and supports far more than just PHProxies.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-23

Version 2.0 is well on the way

It's moving much more quickly than I expected, but most of the features of version 2.0 have now been covered, see the previous news post for details. You can expect the 2.0 release to appear in the next few days.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-22

Future Update Plans

Following some initial thought and discussion, it seems like PHProxy Finder perhaps isn't the best choice of name, especially since I plan on moving the program away from this specific function to cover other kinds of block searches just as well. The first hint of this has already been seen in 1.3 with the custom search box, and I suspect this will only grow with time. So here's a list of proposed updates for some point in the future:... read more

Posted by Michael 2007-05-20

Linux Support Confirmed

This was only what I expected since java is equally compatable with windows and linux, and the program doesn't implement any windows specific features. However, I finally got round to actually confirming this today, and everything I've tried works just fine. Again, if there's something that doesn't please submit a help request or bug report, but everything should be working. I've taken the latest screenshots (1.3) in Gentoo Linux running KDE so you can see how it turns out, the only thing that's out is that some of the settings text is cut short, but nothing critical at all.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-19

Version 1.3 released!

Yup, just 3 days after 1.2, 1.3 has been churned out. This update supports the analysis of any search keywords, not just the hard coded PHProxy search. Please see documentation for further details.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-18

Version 1.2 released!

Version 1.2 has now been released, containing various features that make using the program much more efficient.

Posted by Michael 2007-05-15

Version 1.1 released!

Version 1.1 provides more features and fixes the progress bar bug. Settings have also been moved. Try it out! Documentation has also been updated accordingly to download.

Posted by Michael 2007-04-26

Version 1.0 released!

PHProxy finder has been set up and approved, and version 1.0 (stable) has been released. Version 0.2 has also been made available for download, however the latest version (1.0) is strongly recommended.

Posted by Michael 2007-04-23

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