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  • Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett - 2010-01-23

    First off.. great application - it's exactly what I was looking for…

    I've got it installed on my shared web hosting space.. mainly for my personal use, and family use.  Share recipes between family members, use as my own cookbook, etc…  i.e. not really intended for public consumption in this case…. I got a couple of questions…  preface this with… I can hack code a bit (copy and modify) but I am by NO MEANS a software developer (hardware guy actually)

    1) I configured it and copied the files up to my web server… it copied them all in with default 644 permissions on all the files.  I realized that might not be too great for the custom_inc.php file as it includes the database username/password in plain text… so I set that to 640.  Is that sufficient?  Is there anything else I should be doing security-wise?

    2) I made a couple of small modifications to make it fit my need…  First, I made a field for "Author Rating" for recipes… mainly for the purpose of being able to filter out "informational only" recipes from view.  This was my mother's request… she has recipes that are simply "See cookbook XYZ page Q" :-)     I also made a toggle switch between viewing only your own recipes, and viewing the "global cookbook".    Again.. I'm not a developer.. I'm SURE I didn't do this in an elegant manor what so ever… I basically hacked the database fields with myPHPAdmin and hacked the code with what little of PHP I know and a lot of copy and modify….   Long story short… I know this is GPL licensed… so technically I'm supposed to put those changes somewhere?  What would be normal to do with that?  Hell… if someone likes them and wants to take them and make them real software instead of hacks that's great too…

    Anyway… nice piece of software.  Thanx for providing it.

  • Todd Rogers

    Todd Rogers - 2010-01-24

    for part 1 of your question. 640 should be fine as long as you are not in a shared group with other people that you may not trust.  A lot of unix boxes though have the group and user one-one, so it it is little risk.  Not much else you need to do, just keep on top of updates to PHP and the phprecipedb.

    and part 2.  You could have probably just inserted a new course into the courses table or something like that since the courses and currently used for searching, might have been less work.  As far as sharing you changes, you can post them to:


    The patches part of the SF sight. I go through the patches before a larger release and include the stuff I think everyone could use.  And people can download the patches to apply to their own versions if they don't want to wait. 

    You are not required to share your changes if you don't redistribute them to other people.  So if you just use them for your installation and never pass them on then you don't have to share.  At least that is the jist of the GPL to me.

    I am glad you found the program useful :-)


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