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Auto-generate QR Code on Page Load?

  • Erve1879

    Erve1879 - 2011-12-28

    I'm trying to use this excellent plugin to auto-generate a QR code based on information passed from another php script and then have the generated QR code load directly in another page, so that the user simply clicks submit and is passed to a new page which auto-loads the generated QR code…

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to get this going?!?!

    Thanks very much in advance!!!

  • makaveiljojo

    makaveiljojo - 2014-01-26

    Here are some code snippet of PHP QR code generator Script, hope they are helpful:
    include 'qrcode.class.php';

    $qr = new SocialQrCode ();
    $qr->setType ( SocialQrCode::QRCODE_TYPE_PNG );
    $qr->generate ( "" );
    $qr->show ();

    // create a QR Code with this text and display it
    QRcode::png("My First QR Code");

    Basic URL encoding example:


    JPEG example:


    HTML image example:

    QR code for URL


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