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phpProjectMaster 0.7.1003 major enhancement - Timesheets!

changes in phpProjectMaster 0.7.1003

- added:
- My Timesheet module
- Work Code management module (used in My Timesheet)
- new Site Settings "max_daily_workhours" with default of 8 hours (used in My Timesheet)

- changed:
- in My Tasks "sort by add date" now in descending order, helping track new tasks/bugs

In nearest time My Timesheet page will be enhanced for better usability.... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-10-03

phpProjectMaster 0.7.0925 released - bugfix

changes in phpProjectMaster 0.7.0925

- fixed:
- problems when add/modify a Customer

- Coming Soon:
- Simple Timesheet Tracking functionality

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-09-25

phpProjectMaster 0.7.0914 released bugfixes and enhancements

changes in phpProjectMaster 0.7.0914

- fixed:
- main menu appearance in Firefox
- project/task progress bar appearance in Firefox
- fixed Task/Bug 'advanced' view in Firefox
- fixed $ and \ symbols display in input fields

- added:
- now all new Tasks/Bugs displayed in BOLD font until user/employee actually read it
- added ability to mark Tasks/Bugs with a Flag (similar to email messages in desktop clients)
- added prev/next links on Task page
- Completed/Tested/Closed Tasks/Bugs displayed as gray on the list screen
- ability to comment and change status... read more

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-09-17

phpProjectMaster initial version published!

Right now phpProjectMaster able to manage:
- Customers
- Employees (Team)
- Projects
- Tasks, Bugs, Ideas (unlimited hierarcy)
- Priorities

Next beta version will also contain Timesheet management.

Posted by Oleg Savchuk 2007-08-17

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