Colin Brain - 2008-10-03

I'm trying to run on a windows machine using the apache2triad development system. I too am unable to set up the initial configuration and get past a blank login screen.

My current attempt at configuration is:

   $site_root_offline="C:/apache2triad";                 #YOUR OFFLINE PATH
   $site_root="$site_root_offline/htdocs/ppm";       #YOUR ONLINE PATH
   $root_domain="http://localhost/ppm";                   #YOUR DOMAIN ex:
   $root_url="";                                      #SUBURL [OPTIONAL] ex: "/ppm" if ppm installed in

Note that in this attempt I'm using forward slashes for the path names (i.e. not windows style) but have also tried normal back slashes and escaped backslashes by doubling them. I've set $site_root_offline as it is because apache2triad has it's error logs in C:\apache2triad\logs so $site_error_log should point to the normal error log of C:\apache2triad\logs\error.log

Various web-sites suggest that the software runs under windows so I'd be interested to see how/if anyone has actually done this.