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PHP Podget Podcast Lister (PHPPPL): Holy smokes! A new release!?!?!

A self sustained php file to list the podcasts downloaded with Podget ( Includes option to use getID3 ( for more file information

So it just dawned on me about two hours ago, "OF COURSE! RSS!!!"

So I hacked it together rather quickly, so this comes with the "Works on my machine(tm)" certification.

I did try to make sure it would work in other configurations but no guarentees...

Posted by Martin Eberhardt 2008-09-29

Project status

Current status for the project is that i have run out of ideas, so to speak.

There is a feature/flaw i would like to implement/fix, but i can't quite wrap my mind around it.

Some podcasts (mainly Revision3) timestamps their episodes by production time, not release time (it seems). Making the episodes show, not at the top, but somewhere around the middle of the list...

I have thought of using a database to register the download times of the episodes, but that would require a cronjob to call the page, which would needlessly complicate the install procedure.... read more

Posted by Martin Eberhardt 2008-04-14