how to reset screen after a column is dropped

Bob Nix
  • Bob Nix

    Bob Nix - 2003-07-09

    I dropped a column in a table; now, phppgadmin reports as the column name.  How do I refresh or change the phppgadmin view of this table, so that a dropped column goes away?

    The problem occurs on the screen where the individual row characteristics are displayed; the Browse screen does not display this column.

    I am making all table maintenance through EMS PostgreSQL Manager; I only use pgppgadmin to review / update data.  The column was dropped from within EMS, not phppgadmin.

    Here's what I get - I have truncated each line, for better readability.

    Field Type Length Not Null Default Action
    reference_code_id  int4  4   Yes 
    nextvalreference_type_id  int4  4   Yes    Change
    code  varchar  6   No    Change Drop Index Unique
    description  varchar  30   No    Change Drop
    active_flg  char  1   No    Change Drop Index
    editable_flg  char  1   No    Change Drop Index
    shared_flg  char  1   No    Change Drop Index
    xref_id  int4  4   No    Change Drop Index Unique
    gen_flg  char  1   No    Change Drop Index Unique
    gen_int  int4  4   No    Change Drop Index Unique  timestamp  8   No  
    gen_txt  varchar  var   No    Change Drop Index

    If I choose "drop" on that column in phppgadmin, I get the following error.  I expected the error, since the column does not exist in the table.
    Error - /var/www/html/phpPgAdmin/ -- Line: 718
    PostgreSQL said: ERROR: Relation "pg_relcheck" does not exist
    Your query:

    rcname as index_name,
    pg_class bc
    rcrelid = bc.oid
    and bc.relname = 'reference_code'
    and not exists
    (select * from pg_relcheck as c, pg_inherits as i
    where i.inhrelid = pg_relcheck.rcrelid
    and c.rcname = pg_relcheck.rcname
    and c.rcsrc = pg_relcheck.rcsrc
    and c.rcrelid = i.inhparent)

    • Christopher Kings-Lynne

      You desperately need to upgrade to phpPgAdmin 3.0.


    • Bob Nix

      Bob Nix - 2003-07-14

      Thanks, chriskl.  The update fixed the problem.


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