edit/delete without unique/primary keys, OIDs

  • Anonymous - 2002-06-07

    The FAQ states that phpPgAdmin requires a table to have a unique or primary key to allow edit/delete buttons when using browse or select functionality.

    What about postgresql's feature of internal unique row ids named OIDs, see http://www.de.postgresql.org/docs/faq-english.html#4.16

    IMO it should be possible to rewrite phppgadmin to enable edit/delete of tables without a unique/primary key by using OIDs.

    • Dan Wilson

      Dan Wilson - 2002-06-17

      The reason OIDs were not used is because the future use of OIDs are in question.  PgSQL 7.2 already has the ability to not have OIDs as a user/admin defined setting, and OIDs are not guaranteed in future versions.


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