Which is the right install directory???

  • Fredy Klammsteiner

    I have untared now the phppgadmin to a folder in /usr/src/PACKED/phppgadmin. But how can i install the software and where do I have to install it??
    Any succestions?

    Kind regards  fredy

    • Utkarshraj Atmaram

      -Move the folder phpPgAdmin to /var/www/html    using the command         
             mv /usr/src/PACKED/phppgadmin /var/www/html/

      -Make sure you have apache running. If not, start   httpd service using

            service httpd start
             (If this doesn't work, try this...)
             /sbin/service httpd start

      -Now in your web browser, navigate to 

      -Type username 'postgres' or 'pgsql' and login.


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