Matthias - 2004-04-01

hi all,

phpadmin 3.3.1
apache 1.3.28
win2000 + cygwin
postgresql 7.4.1-3

login to phppgadmin doesnt work:

starting postgresql-server
ipc-daemon2 &
postmaster -iD /usr/share/postgresql/data/
starting apache....
surf to http://localhost/phpPgAdmin/login.php
enter usr and pwd there and _NOTHING_ happens, only login.php will be reloaded. whats the problem?

entering usr and wrong pwd results in notification "login failed"

entering usr and no pwd results in notification "login not allowed"

thats my entries in pg_hba.conf

host all all md5

logging into database via shell works fine!

does anyone have an idea?

bye matthias