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is the project alive?

  • Marc Balcells

    Marc Balcells - 2002-11-04

    Hello, I've been looking at the project and I wonder which are the future plans.
    Is there any upcoming release?


    • Robert Treat

      Robert Treat - 2002-11-04

      We are alive and looking for new developers if your interested. Our current focus is trying to push out a new version of the software, known as webdb, which is a complete rewrite of the phppgadmin codebase.  If your interested in   looking at it it can be checked out from our cvs tree.  We are also doing maintainance on the 2.4.x branch and will be putting out releases as needed.  The release are comprised primarily of user supplied patches so that the core team can keep focused on webdb. If you have any questions, please feel free to post. If you want to join in on development feel free to send in any patches or join our development mailing lists.

    • Marc Balcells

      Marc Balcells - 2002-11-05

      Allright!! I'm going to get webdb from cvs and have a look at it, if it doesn't go beyond my php programming capabilities I'll try to contribute if it does I'll just simply try to translate to catalan and spanish :-)

    • Chan Min Wai

      Chan Min Wai - 2002-11-24

      Are you sure about that?
      I found webdb on sourceforge isn't that active.

      • Robert Treat

        Robert Treat - 2002-11-25

        Well, don't confuse us with the worldwide database project ( or with the webdb project ( , both of which seem pretty inactive.  When we speak of webdb, we are talking about the cvs module in the phppgadmin cvs tree which is a cross database capable web based administration tool. (

        Development on that is active, though we could definatly use the help!


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