#442 Missing Admin Features

Matthew C

It may be necessary to use a new schema (not public) to reproduce these. I am using PostgreSQL 9.2.4.

Tables defined as a type (CREATE TABLE data OF type;) should not enable editing of the inherited columns because you get a "ERROR: cannot alter column type of typed table"

When you click on a table, the table header (which begins with Columns, Indexes, etc.) does not have an item that can change the owner or tablespace besides "Columns". This is not intuitive as the columns list has nothing to do with owner or tablespaces. Maybe an "Alter" item can be added.

"Create table like" does not list types. It only lists other tables.

Type list does not show owner if it is a group role.

Cannot add a new column to the end of a composite type (including with cascade option).

Cannot assign owner on a new type.

Cannot change owner on an exiting type.

Alter function screen does not list group roles for owner field. It defaults to the first login role in the list, which can cause problems for existing functions with group roles.

There is no extensions list under the database node in the tree view or the menu that you get after clicking on a database node.

In "conf/config.inc.php", this:
$conf['srv_groups'][0]['desc'] = 'Development';
$conf['srv_groups'][0]['servers'] = '0,1';
Results in:
Error Loading servers.php?action=tree&group=0 (200: OK)"
Where 0 and 1 are valid items in $conf['servers'] and work without grouping.


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