Aleks Denisenko - 2009-07-21

first i want say, your software works very well . there is only one issue for me: i'm using express checkout.  if i execute DoExpressCheckoutPayment, i get the following response:

object(stdClass)#54 (6) {
  string(20) "2009-07-21T16:38:48Z"
  string(7) "Success"
  string(13) "a38f8ff2d8179"
  string(3) "2.4"
  string(6) "981639"
  object(stdClass)#55 (2) {
    &string(20) "EC-9NY94252TH830043X"
    string(20) "EC-9NY94252TH830043X"

but how i can get the TransactionID?


p.s. sorry for bad english :)