super_tom - 2007-10-06

Looks like a great library I'd liek to use, but I am getting this error returned from every call using the $API->selectOperation('DoDirectPayment') methods (including the example with my own api credentials put in). the others seem to work, but I really am only interested in using the direct payment section.

I searched the dev boards at PayPal, and found this is a problem with (I believe) UK version, and having to create a management account, and it not being able to use the sandbox at all. I am not using a UK version, so I'm curious why I continually get this error. As well, any hints on what to do to get it working would be great.

Also (but less important) am I am fairly new at PayPal (but not PHP) and I'm wondering....I setup the sandbox "seller" and "buyer" accounts, but the API it gives me doesn't reference the "seller" account in any way, so how can I set that to direct it to the "seller" account once the correct info has been sent for a transaction?

Many thanks in advance