Segmentation fault grabbing transactions

  • Justin

    Justin - 2007-06-16

    I'm trying to use this to download transactions from paypal to a database.
    I just edited the example.php to just show them first but I got this when I ran it from the command line:
    <pre>object(stdClass)#6 (6) {
      string(20) "2007-06-16T06:47:05Z"
      string(7) "Success"
      string(13) "[CutFromError]"
      string(8) "2.400000"
      string(6) "1.0006"
      array(17) {
        Segmentation fault

    I get a blank page when I run in a web page.

    • Israel Ekpo

      Israel Ekpo - 2007-06-26

      I am not sure why this is happening. I will look into it

      • Justin

        Justin - 2007-06-26

        Ok, here are a few stats that may help:
        OS: Gentoo Linux
        PHP Version: 5.2.2-r1
        PHP Compiled From Source: Yes
        Gentoo USE Flags For PHP: apache2 berkdb bzip2 cli crypt curl curlwrappers doc exif ftp gd gdbm hash iconv imap inifile ipv6 mssql mysql mysqli ncurses nls odbc pcntl pcre posix postgres readline reflection session soap sockets spell spl ssl threads tidy tokenizer unicode xml xmlrpc zip zlib

        Also I've found that the payment info from Paypal I need can be found with the eBay API so I don't need this code right now.

    • Rob

      Rob - 2007-08-26

      I am getting the same segment faults on gettransactiondetail  PHP 5.2.3 (cli)


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