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phpPassManager 0.90.20 released

After some time of laziness I'm back with a new version of phpPassManager. In this new release the function for creating the crypted password changed a little bit. As random device now dev_urandom is used instead of dev_random. This gives a extreme performance boost.

Posted by hollow 2006-12-23

phpPassManager 0.90.10 released

Fixed a bug in the database update/create scripts. Bug causes that the config parameter "on decode check password" on the configpage can't be saved.
Thanks to Michael Masseo for submitting the bug.

Posted by hollow 2006-11-02

phpPassManager 0.90.00 released

On decode the Masterpassword is checked wether it is right or not. This Feature can be disabled an the config page.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-30

Demoversion of phpPassManager online

A demoversion of phpPassManager is available under
All things beside account creation, password edit and password view are useable. These function are not useable because the php mcrypt_module is not installed on the sourceforge server.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-22

phpPassManager 0.89.85 released

The searchkeyword is now also searched in the URL field. On the account-add, edit, edit-pass and view-page the first textfield get automatically the focus. Highlighting the table rows on mouseover. Show accesskey help an each page.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-22

phpPassManager 0.89.75 released

Fixed a bug that sometimes occur when a account is saved.
On activated search (group and/or text), the info text "filter on" is shown in red, othwerwise in green. Some changes done on the page design / color theme. All main functions now accessable with accesskeys.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-16

phpPassManager 0.89.55 released

Added a function to check the communication with the crypt module.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-14

phpPassManager 0.89.45 released

Fixed a bug that accounts can't be saved with Internet Explorer.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-12

phpPassManager 0.89.35 released

Changed the config parameter "accounts per page" to show more values (25, 30, 50), and the possibility to show all accounts in the mainview.
Also done some internal code cleanup.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-11

Screenshots updated

Published / updated three new screenshots.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-11

phpPassManager 0.89.15 released

Fixed the bug that the url field not shown in mainview. Bug first appeared in version 0.89.10.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-09

phpPassManager 0.89.10 released

Bugs in the page handling fixed. Mainly variable transfer between the pages to keep the filter settings when returning to mainpage.
Some internal code cleanup done (variable-processing, -names, handling and transfer)

Posted by hollow 2006-10-09

phpPassManager 0.89.00 released

Divided the mainview into pages. How many accounts shown per page can be configured over a config value.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-08

phpPassManager 0.88.20 released

A bug in the tables create statements fixed. They now also will work with MySQL 3.x and not only with MySQL 4.x and 5.x

Posted by hollow 2006-10-06

phpPassManager 0.88.10 released

A bug in the tables create statements fixed. They now also will work with MySQL 4.x and not only with MySQL 5.x.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-05

phpPassManager 0.88.00 released

Added the possibility to sort the accounts (ascending/descending) by name, group, login or url. Some little pagedesign adjustments done on the main- and configpage.

Posted by hollow 2006-10-04

phpPassManager 0.87.00 released

Accountname now works as a link to the account detail page, configurable by a new config parameter. Five new account values added: URL to account page, date added, date changed, how often the account has viewed and how often the password has been decrypted.

Posted by hollow 2006-09-30

phpPassManager 0.82.00 released

Added a new config parameter to controll whether to show decrypted password or not. You still have the possibility to copy the password to the clipboard, even it is not shown.

Posted by hollow 2006-09-29

phpPassManager 0.81.10 released

Mainly updated the file "install/readme.txt" to explain how to use the javascript function "copy to clipboard" in the accountview with firefox/mozilla browsers.

Posted by hollow 2006-09-25

phpPassManager 0.81.00 released

Mainly some internal code optimization done. A bug in the account-save routine fixed.

Posted by hollow 2006-09-24

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