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phpOCR release 0.0.3 is out

phpOCR now works with register_globals=Off in php.ini and has some new documentation about how to create templates for specific font.

Posted by Janis Putrams 2004-07-29

phpOCR release 0.0.2 is out

phpOCR now is much more user friendly and more documented.
It has new features such as image source specification by URL, xml output format and more.

Posted by Janis Putrams 2003-01-22

First release is out

By default it works with small png and jpg images. Gif support though gif2png is also supported. Font library file is for NUMBERS ONLY. If you wish you can customize/extend the font library by editing char_inc.php.

Posted by Janis Putrams 2003-01-08