New phpmyprepaid 0.4 RC1

Hi all,
Sorry guys, i disappear for a long time, so much works and .... Anyway, i finish this version this week as a i've too much works actually, so it's difficult to work on this project at the moment !!!! i need testers, pls help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New features :
Rewrite install process and some new options.
New account type mac.
New account type expiration ( permit to create 100 expiration accounts )
New option at creation radius profile and group. Who permit to create a lot of account with every radius attribute you would like.
Rewrite View options: Now u choose witch account u can print u can delete, u can add time, octets. Can be done one 1 or more accounts.
New information can be edited for account, like phone mail, note, ...
Coming from dialup admin :

Add failed logins
Add bad users table management/
Add Accounting statistiques

- Mysql version 5.x.
- php version 5.xx
- Freeradius 1.1.4
- Freeradius mysql
- Apache 1.X 2.X

- php5
- php5-snmp
- php5-gd
- php5-mysql

This file contains installation instructions for phpMyPrepaid

1) Untar the tar file into your webservers base directoy.
# cd /var/www/html or wherever it is on your server
# tar -xvf ../phpMyPrepaid-0.1.x.tar

2) You can run the script, perl in configfiles directory, before you can to edit it to fill to your needs, it will install, DNS, APACHE, .... BE CAREFUL EXPERIMENTAL
3) Fire up a web browser and point it at the phpMyPrepaid directory.
Now try to make a card. If you get an fopen permissions warning, it
means that the webserver can't write to the directory and it needs to
do this to make the pdf

NOTE : If you upgrade for beta3 i've create and update script in install directory just install it afer phpmyprepaid installation like this mysql database_name < install/upadte.xxxxx.sql

Posted by vincent 2008-03-30

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