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PhpMyLogon discontinued

I'm sorry to annaunce that I will not work anymore on the PhpMyLogon project. I've made a part of PhpMyLogon2, and I will spread the things I've till now. You can download them at the downloadpage on

If you want to complete PhpMyLogon2, thank you! If you have a complete version, and you want to share it with anyone else, please contact me at phpmylogon[at]berknet[dot]nl and I'll publish it on read more

Posted by Jorik Berkepas 2007-06-24

New website - plans for new version PhpMyLogon

I'm busy trying to get a new website running for PhpMyLogon. The website will be running on the blog system Wordpress. All the documentation will also be submitted there in the 'Pages' category, and the blogging system will be used to announce new versions of PhpMyLogon, bugs and other stuff.

I hope you'll like the new website! Questions? Just mail me at I'll try to answer your question asap.... read more

Posted by Jorik Berkepas 2007-03-04