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QC Public Libraries now online!

The Quezon City Public Library is now online. The move was made from the problems encountered on the installation of the PhpMyLibrary into their libraries. The libraries are experiencing windows virus problems and hardware malfunctions with which the blame has been always directed to the software.

To solve this problem, given that they have an individual internet connection we activated their online web sites so that the PhpMyLibrary software will not be anymore subjected to the said computer problems. The eleven (11) public schools libraries now have their own website powered by postnuke ( content management system and phpmylibrary ( automation software.

With this move, anyone can visit their sites online 24/7 and will not be anymore subjected to downtime. The server was housed in Makati Philippines which is hosted under domain name. The sub-domain hosting is a non-profitable organization which caters library automation related web hosting. Any organization worldwide which do not have yet thier own library website can apply for this service so that online users can access thier library worldwide.

The QC public library schools and main library collection are currently hosted on Anyone can apply for this privilege, just submit an email regarding your organization and the number of collection your library have. Email it at polerio AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net

The quezoncity public library links can be accessed at

The quezon city libraries include the eleven (11) pilot elementary and high school libraries and the ten (10) QC Main Public Libraries. The installation of the other twenty eight (28) public elementary and high school libraries are currently on the process.

Visit the QC SB E-libraries at

The new features that has emerged from the SB E-library project will be given back to the public to continually support and develop the spirit of open source not only in the Philippines but also through the world wide web itself.

The new features that we know relevant to the community are the online generation of the catalog cards, the creation of the pycatalog ( utility for desktop based generation of book and card catalog, the pmlutility for the conversion of the encoded catalogs to the phpmylibrary.

We hope and pray that phpmylibrary will become apache to library automation technologies.

Apache ( is a number one open source web server created and maintained by the world wide community of beginners to advance open source programmers. Apache has now been used by almost sixty percent (60%) of all the internet servers world wide as surveryed by NetCraft.

The PhpMyLibrary are currently targetting the third world countries which do not have enough fund to automate thier library. The ideal goal of the PhpMyLibrary is to become the number one open source library automation suite for small to large-scale information and library centers world wide.

Thank for your interest in PhpMyLibrary

Polerio "Don-don" T. Babao III

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2004-05-27

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