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Title: Open Source Library Automation: An Introduction (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Presenters:Edward M. Corrado, Rider University Libraries.

Presented at: 2004 New Jersey Library Assocation Conference. Long Branch, NJ. 20 April 2004.

Description: This presentation will explore the current state of Library Automation Systems. Including in the presentation will be a brief introduction to what Open Source Software is - and what some of the benefits of using Open Source Software in libraries are. The pros and cons of why a library would want to use an Open Source library automation system instead of a commercial automation product will be discussed. An introduction to a number of current Open Source Library Automation Systems projects will be given. The systems that will be covered include Koha, OpenBiblio, PhpMyLibrary, and Avanti MicroLCS.

Additional Information: Comparison of Selected Open Source Software Library Management Systems.

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