Utility package released!

The utility package have been released. This package comprise premarc.exe, polgensql.exe, dbutulity.exe or premarc.py, polgensql.py and dbutility.py.

premarc is a python application written for phpmylibrary to fasten the encoding of marc data. Browse through the examples to discover the advantage of this in your cataloging needs. premarc simply converts your encoded bibliographic entry in MARC format.

polgensql is now its second version which has so many features added. With this you are able to export your MARC data directly onto your phpmylibrary database. You'll no longer use the mysql < somesql.txt to add new MARC. With polgensql, you only have to this simple command line to export your MARC data in phpmylibrary, polgensql file1.txt file2.txt SCHOOLCODE [-truncate]

file1.txt is your MARC formatted file.

file2.txt is your backup SQL file.

SCHOOLCODE will be your accession code

-truncate, this is just an option you can use the erase existing data and to append the current MARC data.

Note: the first three parameters is required, the -truncate is optional.

dbutility allows you to create/drop phpmylibrary database.

note: you must have mysql server installed already and your mysql.ini file in dbutility directory is well configured.

These utilities were created using python, and python-mysqldb module. Windows binary is available for windows users and source code is available for python developers. Do read the README file for further documentation. To download go through this link http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=37605 and look for the Utility release.

Do email us if you encounter some bugs at polerio at users dot sourceforge dot net. Please attach the error encountered. Thank you.

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2003-11-03