Status as of April 26, 2002 and il8n Internationalization in

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Status as of April 26, 2002 and il8n Internationalization instruction! and Importing MARC example.

I have recieved a lot of email from phpmylibrary-users. Thank you for your interest in phpmylibrary, I hope I would be able to further enhance the software to fully support your libraries or information centers.

April 26, 2002 - I am currently working on cataloging, circulation and transaction module. I hope this would be released very soon. Now, I want to note that phpmylibrary-1.0.4a is internationalization compatible. Please do copy the polerio/lang/eng/global.php to a directory of your choice, like polerio/lang/ru/global.php, as russian langauge.

After you made a directory, then edit the global.php under that language directory and modify all the equivalent values. Changes in this values would reflect in the program. You don't have to make the hard-editing to change the language.

In addition, please do edit the polerio/config/conf.php and edit the language settings. Then encode your created language, if you made a russian language in a folder like polerio/lang/ru/global.php then encode the ru as the langauge value.

Now, I would like to make some favor, if you could give me a copy of your language created so that it will be available to another user around the world. Don't worry, you're automatically included in phpmylibrary credits section.

I made this article to remind you that you can use a language of your choice in phpmylibrary software. My only favor is please do make a copy and submit it to me so that I can add it in phpmylibrary download file.

Importing MARC records example.

T o import a samle MARC you should go first to to search for a term you want and then get its MARC output.

The Steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on BASIC SEARCH

3. On a Search Text form field, do encode the term you want to search. i.e information

4. Select 25 records per page.

5. Begin Search

6. On the bottom. Find Save, Print and Email (Help Page) table. Then

7. On Select Format table. Locate for a "MARC Format (ONLY Save) " radio button. Then click it.

8. On Select Records. Click the All (this page only) radio button.

9. Then click Print or Save results button to finally view the marc.

10. Then click Print or Save results button to finally view the marc.

11. MARC looks like:
cSer aKeep 1 aNo. 7-8 (summer-fall 1986) LIC bc-GenCollhPN80i.I53wSERIALS bSERwSERLOC

Like Garble TEXT!

12. Then copy-paste this to your phpmylibrary software. Or perhaps save it in diskette then later upload it in your phpmylibray software.

13. You're Done

14. Search your phpmylibrary software for a similar term you searched from and you will get then the result.

15. At Last. Finished. Done

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2002-10-04

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