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PhMyLibrary-1.0.4b Bugfix: Import module, Webpac module. Spa

PhMyLibrary-1.0.4b Bugfix: Import module, Webpac module. Spanish Trans Added
Posted by: polerio on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 - 04:24 AM GMT
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Download: This is the Phpmylibrary bug-fix for version 1.0.4b, I encountered this error during the translation of the CDS/ISIS data to PhpMyLibrary, the importing of data is not ok, I recoded some scripts of Import.php and now it works fine.

About the webpac module, perhaps you had encountered an error on the brief view of the books or other medium, an error works like this, the first result of your query gets the complete bibliographic data, when the next result doesn't have a title or author value, the error will take the value of the recent title or author output. I hope you get the picture. I have difficulty on explaining sorry for that. But that's how the error works and I now I fixed it already.

Be noted that this is an open source software if you have any suggestion about the software or have had discovered bugs on the software be free to inform me so that we can make the software more usable to the public. Perhaps submit the code you corrected so that other user may benefit from it.

Also, I've added the Spanish translation on this zip file. Instruction on how to applythe BUGFIX:: Just follow the directory structure, it goes like this, PhpMyLibrary/polerio/phpmylibrary,... i.e. The Import.php is located at PhpMyLibrary/polerio/phpmylibrary/lib/Import.php. In order to apply the bugfix just delete the old file and replace it with the available files included in the bugfix. If you have any question please do email me so that we could correct if there's some error. Just copy-paste all available files from the bugfix to your installation. Download:

Posted by Charles Fiddler 2002-10-04

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