I have been trying to use the eport utility but i'm getting an empty output file. I'm getting these screen messages:Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]
(C) Copyright 1985-1999 Microsoft Corp.
C:\>ISIS2MARC cswcd.txt addadtxt.txt
Please re-check your parameters.
i.e c:\python22\python ISIS2MARC.py someisis.txt marcfilenametosave.txt (if you
have python)
i.e. $ python ISIS2MARC.py someisisfile.txt marcfilename2sasve.txt (if you're in
 linux with python.)
You can use instead, the executable ISIS2MARC.exe in Windows
To use simply type ISIS2MARC someisis.txt marcfilenametosave.txt
If you didn't follow this combination
Just press Ctrl-C
Continue? Press Any Key
Done! Thank you for using Phpmylibrary

Open your samplemarcoutput file to see converted MARC  data from ISIS Or.

Just convert it to PhpMyLibrary using polGenSQL. After that you can just

Ex. mysql -uroot -hlocalhost -p phpmylibrarydb < phpmylibrary.sql

And you're done! ISIS has been converted!
Polerio Babao polerio@users.sourceforge.net

^_^ Thank your for your interest in PhpMyLibrary
Created during PhpMyLibrary-2.0.2 Oct 30, 2002
Press any key to exit!.
I can not figure out the problem.
PLEASE HELP. I want to convert isis to marc
UZ Library I.T