Importing Marc Catalogue

  • Kerican

    Kerican - 2006-10-30

    Okay, I'm fairly new at this and I have PhpmyLibrary up and running now. I log in as the administrator and go to load a Marc file I have had readied to import. I browse to the file, click the import button, and after a couple moment wait it gives me a detail list of everything I have no imported. Yet after this nothing has changed? It still has the same 25 records that were there by default upon the insalation of the software to begin with.

    Any help would be appreciated to point me in the right direction.

    • Ishraga Allam

      Ishraga Allam - 2007-01-10

      My librarians at our Khartoum University, Sudan, want to modify the layout of book entry form, for example they want classmark instead of LCCN and some other added fields, omitting some. Adding fields that I couldn't even find in _tags mySQL data. I want to change the forms also of serials and thesis. I did try to insert some new record book, I got an option to add a field, I did but I had to enter its data separately. This modification wasn't permenant so as to be for an new record. why???
      Please help me, only 3 weeks old my knowledge of phpmylibrary. Please at least direct me...

    • Omphs

      Omphs - 2007-02-26

      Does anybody tried to export the catalogue to marc format?


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