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  • Anonymous - 2004-03-10

    Hi there,
    I am trying to set up a virtual library at our internal web site of our company and am looking for the right tool to do this. I wonder if phpMyLibrary might be able to do this. I have been trying to find the information in the docs, but can't seem to find it. The idea basically is this:

    - Most employees have a bunch of books on their shelves. Some of these are privately owned, some belong to the company.
    - Often, people are looking for a particular book, but don't know if someone else already has it.
    - We already have a book list, containing most of the books, but it is a simple HTML page.
    - We would like this list in a database, so it is easier to maintain.
    - It should be possible to "loan" books from this "library". Towards this end, people should be able to look in the database if the desired book is in house and where it currently resides (of course, it must be possible for every user to see who a book is loaned to). One then contacts that person and asks if it could be loaned. If so, one can go and get the book and make a note in the database that it is now loaned by that other person.
    - When someone leaves the company, it should be possible to find all books loaned to that person. Furthermore, all books privately owned by that person must be taken out of the list.

    Is all of this possible with myPhpLibrary? From what I could glean from the web site, it seems to come very close.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


    • Charles Fiddler

      Charles Fiddler - 2004-05-08


      you can tweak the code by editing the database configuration to make your library virtual. i define virtual as one installation and retrieves information differently, depending upon the user selected/logged.

      the idea is to get the currently logged in user or the user parameter and change dynamically or on the fly the database configuration.

      it goes like this

      if the head want to see employee1 collection,

      the database would look like this


      if you want to see employee2 collection


      on the other hand, you define virtual differently, as in separate installation, you could just make subdomains and install it on differrent user website.

      employee1 has /home/employee1/public_html/phpmylibrary

      employee2 has home/employee2/public_html/phpmylibrary

      employee3 has /home/employee3/public_html/phpmylibrary

      this is the easiest way, but this is not virtual because you have too many installation of phpmylibrary source.

      thank you



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